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Yesterday afternoon I toddled off down White Street and into Mud City Road, the old familiar path to Thin City Addiction Services.

I saw E, my keyworker I think is the correct term, to plan my next move.

Since our first meeting she’d consulted with the doctor who makes all the decisions and he’s agreed – up to a point – that I can be prescribed Antabuse. Coming too to the chemical mix will be Acamprosate and Naltrexone, both of which are designed to reduce cravings and the risk of relapse.

I handed in my drink diaries, with those three zero units so proudly penned in last week, to be followed by two days of bingey drinking. E asked me how long I thought it would take me to get down to zero and stay there for the three days I have to be alcohol free before starting on Antabuse.

It was a nice chat. E asked if I was suffering withdrawals, remarking that I looked ‘clammy’ and whether I intended to drink later in the day, I said I wasn’t sure. Looking at my drink diary she wondered how I would cope with weekends as a trigger for my binges and asked about my general mood.

My general mood has been much better, helped by my relative success in reducing.

And, now I have a date. A day zero for my abstinence. It is Wednesday, July 18. That’s when I’ll need to be stopped in preparation for my first Antabuse on July 20. I can do it. I know I can. But, it’s still a frightening prospect – I’ve spent almost all my adult life in thrall to alcohol, it’s been my social life, my courage, my coping mechanism.

I have to keep clinging on to how much better I felt last time I was abstinent – a whole year off the pop.

Then, I went and drank, of which more later.

Thin City Citizen.


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