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This is not true. However, it contains a grain of truth. I think there’s something different about alcoholics and addicts. And, I know we can speak to each other, spot each other, often fuck each other up good and proper styley.

My favourite authors are Derek Raymond, Raymond Chandler, Charles Bukowski… you see what I mean..

But, I digress. I thought I’d do something useful and post some of my favourite alcoholic songs (most of which are songs of pain and suffering rather than enjoyment.) I won’t go into any long-winded explanations, I’ll try to let them speak for themselves.

The first is Wake up, Time to Die! By Pop Will Eat Itself.

And then we have the lovely Replacements and Here Comes a Regular (I have no idea what One Tree Hill is, it seems rather overwrought.)

And here’s the poet laureate… Yes, it’s the Pogues with the Sickbed of Cuchulainn (I’ve drunk in the Euston Tavern).

And, here’s some Vic Chestnutt…

There are more. I’m starting to get tired now as the Mirtazapine hits…

If I get more than one vote, I’ll make this a regular feature.

I’d love to hear of any more, it’s an area I’m very interested in, naturally.

Sleep well sweet princes and princesses.



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